Special Offers!

We do our best to make sure that in this part of the website each and every one of our guests is able to find the offer that best suits his or her needs, so he can go back home knowing the time invested in saving money was well worth it.

Below are the promotions dedicated to our guests, indicating the percentage discount applied, the regulations governing the offers and the apartments for which the offers are available.

Should you require any further information, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us… we’re here to help!

Family and Friends

Here at Le Capannelle we believe that a holiday in a holiday house is an important way of strengthening a friendship. This is the idea behind our special offer: when one of our clients recommends us to a friend who decides to book a stay in one of our apartments, we offer both a 10% thank-you discount!

The discount can be used immediately by our new guest, and is valid for 12 months for our valued existing client.
And since we enjoy company and exchanging impressions with each other when and as we like, we’ll be extending this offer to our friends on the most popular Social Networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Advance Booking or Last Minute:

Discounts of up to 30% can be found!!
There’s a 30% Advance Booking discount off the list price if you book 12 months before departure. This drops to 20% if you book at least 9 months before you leave and to 10% if you book at least 6 months before your holiday.
There’s 30% off the list price for Last Minute bookings, if you book less than 7 days before departure.

**Offer is not applicable for high season time (from June to September).

Long weekends, Holidays, Events…

There’s nothing like a few days away from it all, and a holiday house is ideal for a long weekend or a short break: it’s cheaper and it offers guests greater freedom and more time to spend doing just what they like in the company they like, with no restrictions whatsoever.

This is why we have a range of special discounts on offer for our guests, which apply during holiday periods or particular events, long weekends, ski weeks, Christmas, Easter… any excuse will do to get away from it all and have fun – at a reasonable price.